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Video accompaniment to
Soul of the Movement:
Meditations on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Porto Franco Records, 2011

Soul of the Movement
an overview of the project

  • There is a Balm in Gilead (feat. Jeannine Anderson)

  • Black Cab (feat. Kenny Washington)

  • Trouble on the Bus, a dedication to the Freedom Riders (feat. Gabe Eaton)

  • We're a Winner (feat. Faye Carol and Howard Wiley)

  • Memphis (feat. Howard Wiley)

  • Take My Hand, Precious Lord (feat. Kenny Washington, Jeannine Anderson and Howard Wiley)

with introduction by Marcus Shelby
featuring Howard Wiley

We're a Winner
featuring Faye Carol
and Howard Wiley

Take My Hand Precious Lord
featuring Kenny Washington
Faye Carol,
and Howard Wiley

Produced by Paul Waters. Videography by Paul Waters and Peter Varshavsky. Special thanks to Eric Moffat, Yoshi's SF, and The Equal Justice Society.